IIC Service Providers

(609) 518-6800

To Our IIC Service Providers:

I am writing to inform you of a current development within the Children's System of Care (CSOC). In recent meetings with CSOC, there have been discussions about IIC services, specifically on its original intent to be a time-limited intervention.

We recognize IIC is not meant to be a long-term strategy. In an effort to assist the families in reaching stability, CSOC is establishing a standard of keeping IIC within a 90-day time frame. During that time, IIC is meant to function as a bridge to more sustainable community-based resources.

As we can attest, IIC has been an effective strategy for addressing youth and family needs. I thank you for the work you have done under some incredibly challenging circumstances. Ultimately, one of the indicators of a positive outcome for the families we serve is helping them create sustainable plans. These are plans which are rich in natural supports, surrounding family with resources and supports which will last far beyond CMO and IIC involvement.

We will work with you in a collaborative manner so that youth and families' needs are addressed and the Child-Family Team develops sustainable strategies to assist with a smooth transition from formal services.

We will contact you in the near future to discuss this further and identify next steps.


Michael Dallahan
Executive Director