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Equine Facilitated Mental Health @ Special Strides

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Equine facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) is a powerful methodology providing alternative counseling services to those interested in therapy outside of the office setting. The horse can provide feedback in a way that enables the individual to investigate their communication and attachment styles along with their personal strengths. Horses instinctively mimic emotions of the herd leader in the wild and carry that into work with humans. This allows an individual to see a clear representation of their behaviors and emotions in their equine companion. Presently, we are working towards developing more clientele for the psychotherapy program here utilizing the natural abilities of a horse to communicate emotions. I specialize in anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and trauma focused care. Please give a call to discuss any questions, request a tour, or discuss referrals. Please do not email regarding referrals due to confidentiality.

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Last Updated: 04/25/18