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Spence-Chapin - Services to Families and Children

Spence-Chapin has been offering exceptional adoption services for over 100 years. Our mission is to help find loving families for children whatever their needs or circumstances, and provide counseling and support for all children and the families to whom they have been born or entrusted.

Spence-Chapin focuses on finding adoptive homes for children who need families; promoting the understanding of adoption through counseling and public education; and improving adoption's image and practice. We help each family member navigate their individual adoption stories with clarity and confidence. Spence-Chapin's roots can be traced to the early 1900s and the pioneering work of Clara Spence, and Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chapin, who independently established nurseries out of concern for homeless infants abandoned in hospitals and shelters.

Today, Spence-Chapin is proud of our role as a prominent voice and leading advocate for adoption, and of our commitment to the wellbeing of all members of the adoption triad: birth parents, adoptive parents, and their children.

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  • Adults
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