Professional Development Events & Workshops

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  • Blackwood

    A Strength-based Approach to Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth (3 CE's)

    LGBTQ+ youth are considered an at-risk demographic. With increased research on and advocacy for gender and sexual minority persons we have come to a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by queer and questioning adolescence. This training will provide a framework for understanding gender and sexuality, discuss identity development, and explore how to support LGBTQ+ youth in a culturally responsive manner. These things will be achieved in an educational environment that is safe and stresses progress, not perfection.

  • Mount Laurel

    Childhood Mental Health Symposium

    Our distinguished group of doctors will cover topics including: depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Tourette Syndrome/tic disorders, OCD, school and social issues. The Symposium will feature a panel of parents and adolescents who will share their experiences with diagnosis, school, family, stigma. (5.08 hours of professional credit is available.)